Hyundai Veracruz (2008-2012): The Santa Fe large format

It was in 2007 that Hyundai presents its Veracruz. The Korean manufacturer wanted to break into this increasing category at the time. In addition to marketing in a automobile segment big format, the Veracruz is also addressed a luxury SUV buyer. Paris or calculated danger? The weak outcomes of sale now give us the answer.

In this niche marketplace, purchasers are primarily doors to competitors charisma recognized as Lexus and Audi. Even these days, it is tough to convince the buyer to drive in luxury vehicles identified for the Korean brand. Just appear at the quantity of Genesis on the road to learn the complete which means.

In spite of its results mitigates the purchasers seeking for a bargain will be content to uncover at retailers. It presents a superior price tag and its reputation is spotless. Effectively, practically, except for a handful of issues to the gearbox and specific products of bodywork. The Veracruz borrows the Santa Fe chassis time although stretching to let the installation of a third seat. You can possibly learn some completely-equipped versions that have practically nothing to envy to models of competitors. 

A single engine was provided either the three.8L V6 with a energy of 260 hp. Let”s say that this engine is adequate, but turns out a small just after Veracruz your height by seven passengers and their luggage. Only a single gearbox was proposed an automatic gearbox six reports. Once more, right here is an intriguing utility affordable and comparatively trustworthy. Know that the Veracruz derives its reverence late 2012.

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Approximate costs:
Generatio: 2008-2012 

$ 1000 @ $ 2000

V6 three.8L (260 hp.) (2008-2012)


To monitor


Recommendation : Great



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