Journalist for a Day at Auto Show Montreal, an unforgettable experience!

It was Thursday, January 19, 2017 that was held the press day of the International Auto Show in Montreal. Having won the competition Journalist for a Day in collaboration with the Car Guide, I had the opportunity that is unique stay my business Salon Michel Deslauriers, automotive journalist. Of course that through the entire I was like a kid in a candy store day! Here are a lines that are few summary of my knowledge that i’ll remember.

This currently made several years that the see regarding the Montreal car Show is actually for myself a proper tradition that is annual privileged moment shared between father, uncle and son. A guys that are real during which any conversation is undoubtedly focused on automobiles and absolutely nothing but automobiles. But in 2010 was at a tremendously unique, that I could live my 2017 edition of the Salon in the shoes of an automotive journalist.

Excite as it was under a different angle, Maybe even a little nervous at the idea of ​​meeting columnists I am pleased to read since childhood, the hint that is slightest of anxiety rapidly dissipated, providing option to passion that transcends me personally! Followed closely by automotive reporter Michel Deslauriers, we understood currently that I happened to be currently between really hands that are good

,Journalist for a Day at Auto Show Montreal, an unforgettable experience!

Premiere constatatio: the atmosphere that is unique of hit time. Certainly, not just do any right is had by us of unveilings throughout our journey, but the atmosphere also sembly me every particular. It”s all the same special, for a 21 years to see everything I decided to take my courage in both hands and to go to meet some columnists around him an impressive array of figures known in the field!

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With my countless lectures on the subject and my countless hours of viewing automobile emission. This effort simply permitted us to speak to interesting conversations, and much more recognize just how features this automobile tradition it has the power to rally followers around the same passion.

When as I like to call you ask me what I remember above all that unforgettable day, it will be without a doubt the suivan observation: meet and talk with local people is very trainer and opened my eyes on the profession of automotive journalist. Discover a passion is had by us for almost any topic, that”s a very important factor. But start thinking about creating a career, to call home every single day we labeled as enthusiasm is just a various level, and I also encourage anybody who is interesting in neuro-scientific automotive knowledge to use.

An Automobile Show regarding the see shall be the most revealing, and do not hesitate to talk to people in the field. It”s a contact we are in even take the true pulse of the universe with them that. Myself, i could concur that my passion materialized that day, and I also was even comprehend just what its is automotive journalist.

In finishing, I wish to thank once again Tamar Kantarjian, Communications Director regarding the ACPC, that I carefully shoulder throughout this adventure that is fabulous Michel Deslauriers, for giving me confidence and quickly set to m ” have presented to several people all more interesting one than the other. It was an honor to have lived this experience, and I wish all the passionate car to one day live immersion that is such

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