Kia KND-7 Concept and UVO technology

At the Customer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Kia unveiled its KND-7 notion and introduces the new generation of its UVO infotainment program.

For the occasion, the South Korean brand has renamed its notion Cubs – presented to Seoul – KND-7 Idea, featuring the UVO technologies.

This is a reduce has suicide doors to facilitate access to rear seats. An strategy that is not in contrast to that of his cousin, the Hyundai Veloster.

Beneath the hood lies a valiant 4 1.six-liter turbo-cylinder that develops a energy of 204 horsepower.

The Customer Electronics Show
A auto manufacturer can not get them this imposing electronics fair devoid of present revolutionary technologies.

At Kia, it is named UVO and primarily get in touch with has voice recognition, signed Microsoft. The new version of UVO is even endowed a gesture recognition program. By way of infrared lights and motion detectors, it is now probable, with a uncomplicated wave of the hand or finger, to manage specific automobile parameters.

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