Kia Rio / Rio5 2013: Forgotten the generic generation

As published in the 2013 Vehicle Guide

With the new Rio, Kia showed a brilliant Evolution. Certainly, the South Korean brand is gradually but certainly undoes his image of lil cheaps tanks. As Hyundai, his colleague and rival, has carried out lately, effectively. We neglect so effectively-equipped vehicles, no dear, poorly completed and hateful to drive. Henceforth, it is not a cost that we purchased but Rio.

The new Rio has nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all to do with the a single it replaces. The lines are contemporary and henceforth, as is frequently the case in the category of subcompacts, the model”s hatchback is far more dynamic than the sedan, while the latter was not ashamed of his physical. Because this is commonly the functionality requires precedence when picking out a vehicle of this cost, the model was hatchback? baptize Rio5? is far more desirable thanks to its trunk can hold a great deal far more.

Do you want the gear? In v”la!
Inside, the dashboard is resolutely contemporary and ergonomic principles are respected. On the other hand, a lot of choose it that of the Hyundai Accent, the far more inspired. The seats of Korean creations and my physique do not frequently make very good household and this is the case with Rio, five or not. However a lot of people today uncover them pretty comfy. Which clan do you belong? The Koreans, we know, are not afraid to place the gear in their vehicles and Rio is no exception. The most stripped version has the appropriate door handles and mirrors are in physique colour though other makers (Honda, not to contact it) stubbornly do so only for their most versions costly. Air conditioning, windows, mirrors and lock for electrical controls, AUX and USB, satellite radio and so on are portion of the fundamental gear. Not negative Pantoute, as they say in Latin!

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Amongst the accessories of other models, accessories that appeared only in luxury vehicles he scarcely aa couple of years contain automatic climate manage, heated seats and front wheel, seats in leather, Bluetooth, UVO infotainment method with (sadly, can not be combined with GPS) and camera back. In a couple of years, I would not be shocked to uncover air suspension and intelligent cruise manage in a subcompact Kia!

The cabin is effectively insulated from noise and, for as soon as in a Kia, you can hear oneself feel in spite of the engine that climbs diet regime. Note that we are not driving a Toyota Avalon, having said that, the sound”s nonetheless effectively contained, Deputy compactly speaking. The space is generous and supplies that cover the are of very good sufficient good quality. The rear seats are difficult but at least it does not really feel as well cramped to (by cons, the Hyundai Accent gives greater degagement knee). At the rear, the hatchback having said that the ceiling is five mm larger than the sedan, this qu”apprecieront some heads.

No require to do substantial study to notice that the trunk is roomy hatchback than the sedan. In each instances, the records of the back seat subside 60/40 way, but they do not kind a flat bottom with the rest of the trunk and the load sill is a bit as well higher for my taste. Note that even the sedan has a pretty significant trunk open.

Horses or picouilles?
As the Rio hood is a 4 cylinder 1.six liter. When it retains the exact same cylinder at the earlier generation, it is fully distinct. He henceforth develops 138 horsepower and consumes much less. Thank you has direct injection and Active Eco style models has supplied the automatic transmission. Kia believes that very good engine to six.eight liters / 100 km city and four.9 on the road. A winter test rather give 7.five a path to 80% on highways at a speed of about 110 km / h. It”s very good. Anyway, it”s greater than the old generation who had a penchant for oil brand … But life could be even greater if the sixth report of the manual transmission was greater floor. Certainly, a 100 km / h the engine is operating at 550 revolutions / minute, which is a lot. At the exact same speed, automatic engine revolutions brought back 200, which almost certainly explains why the latter shows greater typical consumption on the road. We also would have benefited from a decrease consumption if we use the Eco Active mode gives only the models have automatic transmission. On the other hand, we would have been deprived of a great deal energy. Certainly, when Eco Active mode is active, the accelerator becomes much less sensitive and gear alterations are accelerated. I do appreciate this mode only as soon as, to go to my dentist who had two extractions me … In reality, this mode is so intrusive that most people today will not use it. Attempting as well difficult to make it and pass subsequent to its target. As for the 138 typical horses, study with no Active Eco, a single wonders exactly where they have the damn! With a -100 km / h in 10.three seconds, is typical at very best. The motor recovers or what is at the softness and flexibility. the impression we have of dealing a hysterical panic device that has any diet regime of montee.

Two transmissions are proposed, a six-speed manual and automatic six reports also. The reputation of Kia in matters of failed manual transmissions is effectively established, but in the case of Rio, the engineers have carried out a tiny greater work to seem. The clutch is constantly soft and the lever is not however in precision, but Kia is ultimately approaching some thing livable every day. For its portion, the automatic functions accurately and smoothly and not hinders engine efficiency.

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Sport chassis?
In terms of the chassis, the engineers have carried out a very good job. It is strong at will, facilitating the operate of suspensions, with a pretty standard MacPherson configuration at the front and a torsion beam at the rear. The most exclusive version of EX-Luxury is entitled to a sport suspension, a name that tends to make us smile … I feel the 17-inch tires that equipent this version there are a lot of in the sport. Other variants run on 15 or 16 inches. On the other hand, we have to admit that Rio door tougher than a Hyundai Accent even if the frame of the things are the exact same. Some sensitive physical may possibly uncover Rio, sport suspension or not, uncomfortable.

On the road, the smaller Rio proves downright pleasant to drive and it”s not extended that entertaining to negotiate curves far more speedily. The steering wheel is comfy in hand, thereby forgetting that does not show a lot of emotion to the operate of the front wheels. It feels very good roll and understeer has the chance but the appropriate foot, man”s very best pal, possesses the crucial to resolve this issue. Even though this remark does not impact the driving behavior, I have to emphasize that the Rio wipers lent by Kia for our winter test have almost certainly by no means been created conscious of the way to get rid of the snow and slush. And these are not the couple of massive words I have their addresses that have enhanced issues.

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When Rio was appeared on our industry in 2001, the self guide had of course attempted. Jean-Georges Laliberte, our colleague of the time, had as its generic test vehicle. Eleven years later, the Rio is not generic. This is the Nissan Versa who replaced! In spite of every little thing, it could take a couple of years ahead of the resale worth of the Kia item adjusts to their true worth.