Land Rover Discovery 2017: farewell, LR4

The LR4 SUV intermediate types SQUARE has ultimately let its spot was a new generation who come across the name Discovery. Now that”s the name he nevertheless carries about the planet except North America.

Discovery sports a much more contemporary style, aerodynamics, has the image of other brand merchandise. It has lost none of his skills off-road, thanks to its integral cog, its generous ground clearance, articulation of its suspension and Terrain Response program with a option of two settings according to the road circumstances.

Beneath the hood is a V6 supercharged 340-horsepower V6 or a three. liter turbodiesel, making 258 horsepower. In each circumstances, the towing capacity reached three 500 kg. In addition, its cabin provides all the most current technological innovations. The Discovery 2017 is sold from $ 61 500.

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