Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 4×4 of his time

The challenge for a company like Land Rover, is to modernize its product range with technical innovations and more efficient engines, without however distancing from tradition to offer vehicles enjoying a unbeatable off road capability.

Obviously, huge amounts of money invested by the owner, the Indian manufacturer Tata, it helps a little. Through this association, the wind blows again in the sails of Land Rover, perhaps even more than ever. And the Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 new range of entry model, represents a beautiful Evolution of the philosophy of the brand.

Four-cylinder, four-wheel drive
Discovery Sport replaces the LR2, the latter retiring after a career of seven years. The Disco Sport (for short) has borrowed its engine in the Range Rover Evoque, that is to say a turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0-liter that produces 240 horsepower and 250 lb-ft. This engine is paired to an automatic gearbox has nine reports which did a great job to deliver power to the wheels when pressing it tight on the accelerator.

And when driving more slowly on the highway, for example, this engine can be surprisingly effective. We recorded an average of 9.0 l / 100km during our test, a rare result in luxury SUV integral cog. Well, we must refuel with premium fuel, but it is not often will stop at the gas station.

However, it is true that our periple board the Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 took place mainly on highways rather than in off-road trails. But when compared with the Lexus RX, Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz GLC and Cadillac SRX, we can conclude that the small Land Rover is energy efficient.

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And clever, too. It can tow a load of up to 000 kg or 409 lb. And like all the English brand products, the Discovery Sport will have no hesitation in leaving the asphalt to venture into the woods to cross the rocky surfaces or crossing streams. His system Terrain Response allows the touch of a button to choose from four driving modes: normal, grass / gravel / snow, mud and sand and grooves.

These modes vary the reactivity of the engine, the gearbox, the differential and various electronic control systems to provide the best adhesion possible. And it works last winter we even try the Discovery Sports on the roads and trails of Iceland, and this SUV has impressed us.

Space for five, and maybe two more
The Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 is positioned in the category of compact SUVs, but enjoys a good template to provide plenty of space for passengers. The occupants of the back seat will be very happy to have a great degagement legroom, thanks to the sliding seat, and panoramic sunroof accentuates the impression of space. The backrest can be folded into three parts, ie a proportion of 40/20/40, but unfortunately, the mechanism of the central portion made a squeaking noise when driving: it was you leaving the folded position of armrests, but this kind of inconvenience does not exist in a vehicle of this price. Some lubricant probably solve the problem.

A third row of seats is optional. However, Land Rover is careful to specify that it is not a vehicle has seven seats, but a 5 + 2. The “+ 2” ca be children or adults that do not like, and when these seats are in place, say goodbye to the cargo area.

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However, whether in five-seat configuration or seven with the third row folded, the Discovery Sport offers a generous cargo volume of 980 liters. The rear seatback folds completely flat to create a space of 778 liters, slightly superior to the average luxury compact SUVs.

interior finish honest
What impresses us less of the Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 is the design of its interior. Nothing disappointing, need I specify, and perhaps that is simply expects an environment worthy of a more luxurious Range Rover, not a more affordable Land Rover.

In short, it has the right of brush aluminum trim, but not wood paneling and rich textures, and appearance of the dashboard is altogether conservative. Some plastics are cheap, but at least they are in places where they need to be more robust aesthetic.

However, one can choose between several upholstery colors and the equipment of our HSE Luxury version testing is very complete, with a hatchback electric control, intelligent key, xenon headlights, heated seats, a heated steering wheel, a navigation system, a rearview camera and an audio channel 11-speaker touchscreen eight inches. The latter is however high up on the dashboard, and the arms we must stretch to reach the seats menu buttons to the right, which is a little distracting driving.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 is available from $ 4790 before the transport and preparation charges. A very reasonable rate, given the equipment and its capabilities. Our vehicle was tested, including Team 20-inch wheels, ventilated seats to have the heated front at the back, beyond the Cape of $ 5,000 or base price, demand for the Range Rover Evoque.

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Best to all views of the LR2, spacious and comfortable, fast and thrifty fuel, Discovery Sport demonstrated that the expertise of English paired with the will and the money of Indians can create a nice luxury SUV modern times.

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Model was tested

Version tested

Price range

model of price testing

Basic warranty

Powertrain Warranty

Consumption (city / highway / observed)



Strong points

Weak points

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport
HSE luxury
4790 was $ 529
$ 519
years / 800km
years / 800km
10.6 / 6.5 / 9l / 100km
Acura RDX, Audi Q3, Audi Q5, BMW X3, BMW X4, Lexus NX, Lincoln MKC, Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class, Porsche Macan, Volvo XC60
  • powerful and economic engine
  • Good interior space
  • Off road capabilities undeniable
  • Buttons infotainment system out of reach
  • Interior design without shine
  • Some questionable quality plastic

Appreciation card




multimedia System

Agrement driving

General appreciation

4.5 / 5Peu energy, at least, on the highway
3.5 / 5Bons seats and adequate space at the back seat
3.5 / 5Accelerations fast thanks to the generous engine torque
3.0 / 5Boutons difficult menus to achieve, we must use the touch screen to adjust the heated seats and ventilated
3.5 / 5Sain handling, excellent off-road capabilities
4.0 / 5An luxury SUV that knows how to stand out with a fuel economy and interesting performance, all at a price quite reasonable