Lexus RC F 2015: sports and muscle!

Lexus has unveiled the very first in a international Detroit RC F 2015, a higher-functionality sport coupe that will compete with the new Audi S5 / RS5 and BMW M4.

According to Lexus, this is a entirely new model that enhances driving pleasure. Below the bomb hood is a five.-liter V8 to 460 horsepower and more than 380 lb-ft of torque, sufficient to help in the quest for the pleasure! An automatic gearbox eight speeds (with paddles behind the wheel) transmits this energy to the wheels only rear. Exhausts chrome-shaped “eight” introduced into the IS F are back right here.

Primarily based on the new RC section, the RC F possesses exclusive bodywork to accommodate Components are eight cylinders, its wider track and generous air rises. The enormous grille consists of a lot of little “F” welded collectively. It clears the IS F an aggressive signature that is not reminiscent of the BMW M4, its good rival.

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