Lexus SC 500 2017: Never again “Lexus” and “boring” in the same sentence

The words you see in the title is not mine, but Mr. Akio Toyoda himself, the president of Toyota, and the manager of the Lexus brand, a brand that cherishes.

If Toyota is my final name, Lexus is my middle name, stated he stated.

Passionate automobile considering that childhood, Mr. Toyoda was noted in 2009 when he was promoted to president of the business, stating that it was time that Toyota redo some exciting automobiles.

In 2011, throughout a presentation at Pebble Beach, he was branded by a single of the comments he Receipts from a journalist, like what the Lexus automobiles have been nicely accomplished, but [they] have been boring a drive . 

For a man who desires to be also a test driver for his personal business, there was no extra sad.

It is a vengeful spirit that animates the design and style of the LF-LC, then the realization of the notion with the LC 500, the new luxury will reduce the business in the industry in 2017.

On style straight inspired by the LFA super auto out there a couple of years ago, the 500 LC desires the exact same expression of the new Lexus brand, brand it will be the holder etendard more than the coming years . 

Animated by a five.-liter V8 developping 467 hp and powered by a new automatic transmission engine 10 reports, the 500 LC also desires a luxury auto to rival the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. 

For now, no costs have been unveiled, but we bet it will not be inside the attain of all.

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Nevertheless, let”s Cesar Cesar has what amounts, the architecture of this auto should really be sufficient to give the globe an thrilling Lexus LFA worthy of the previous years.

A hydrogen auto by 2020
An electric sedan driven by the hydrogen has been relegated to the background by the unveiling of the LC 500. M. Toyoda has announced that the Lexus brand should really be placed on sale by 2020, an ambitious date.

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