Lexus UX Concept will be unveiled at the Paris Salon

A brand-new idea Lexus can make its global launch in the Paris Motor Show on 29 September.

The producer failed to supply details, but published a Concept UX picture to dig us appetite. Although a cup is suggested by the profile shape, we actually are four doors on the vehicle. According to its dimensions we will likely get that at the time of the unveiling at the show, it seems that the concept UX has been created to compete with the BMW X4 and X6, the Mercedes- Benz GLC Cup and Cup GLE and Infiniti QX70 has the.

The concept vehicle was emerging in Lexus design center in Europe, and according to the manufacturer, it targets a progressive and urban public, living in a branch environment that we do not know yet, and. The inner of this SUV manufacturing that is traditional company with latest production techniques.

all this is found in 2 months, if the veil is raised from the Lexus Concept UX Paris.

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