Lincoln Continental Concept 2015, back to the future

It”s been too long that Lincoln did not produce real luxury vehicles, we pamper those who are driven by a chauffeur. To finally close this gap, this is the Lincoln Continental Concept, its official nomenclature, which, according to the representatives, is very close to the vehicle production that we will see next year. It”s a full-size luxury sedan, high downright elegant and well proportioned technology which the main features such as exposed by Lincoln.

EcoBoost 3.0-liter V6 Exclusive
The engine, a 3.0-liter V6 has exclusive Lincoln EcoBoost technology uses a twin turbo. That is all that Lincoln was disclosed today. The power? Enough to propel the vehicle more than adequately, we are told.

The representatives were much more talkative about the range of aids has proposed conduct. The lane keeping system to the adaptive cruise control through collision warning, even able to immobilize the vehicle as needed until system improves parking assistance with 360 ° camera, everything is there.

The vehicle concept sported impressive tires size 245 / 40ZR21 mounted on elegant alloy wheels behind whom were of huge disc brakes. As for the rest, not whether it”s a drive, pulling or integral.

The new face of Lincoln
The new grille gets rid of its DIVIDED wings for a more refined design incorporating LED headlights seconds with laser-like beam. It also stressed that this is the new face of future Lincoln. To accommodate the owner of graceful and safe manner, the headlights illuminate modules, gradually forming a fan, and doors open effortlessly by pressing the E-Latch button.

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The line profile, long and low, presents an uninterrupted side look great and etched flag discreetly veil passengers back.

A first class interior 

This is where Lincoln fully revealed his ambitions. The unpublished seats, which are the subject of more than 50 patents, have 30 settings in addition of being ventilated and heaters. By pressing a button, the advance of the front passenger seat sufficiently to permit a semi-horizontal inclination of the seat of the rear right passenger who has an adjustable footrest.

Venice The leather seats, removable sleeves have to be built on the backs of front seats, the fund champagne, a removable work tablet with a screen to control ventilation as well as the high-end audio system, are all signs that this vehicle is rather intended to passengers back.

premium audio chain signed Revel
Drawing on technologies such as Adaptive Noise Control (control of the sound environment), Quantum Logic Surround® and Clari Fi ™, developed by Harman laboratories, this chain would likely bring the competition to reconsider what it offers currently. Fully controllable by passengers back, they have a choice of three modes audi: Stereo Hearing – simulating the front seats of a concert – and On-stage that places the listener literally on stage with the musicians. The audio channel is not using less than 19 speakers from the audiophile Revel Ultima ™ and is specially designed by engineers from Harman / Revel. 

Lincoln finally found its place in the market
Continental Concept demonstrates a fresh approach in Lincoln finally returns to its roots, that is to say, producing luxury vehicles, elegants and desirables. This vehicle will fill the needs of those who demand luxury, distinction and comfort without feeling the need or the desire to drive a vehicle capable of feats on the racetrack. Formerly Lincoln particularly well filled that need, here are proof that reconnect with the past is sometimes beneficial.

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