Mazda CX-5: first vehicle to use the ier has ultra-high strength of 1800 MPa?

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Mazda Motor Corporation in collaboration with Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. and Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd., became the first automaker successfully manufacture auto components from steel to ultra-high strength of 800 MPa. This extremely resistant steel will be inaugurated on the CX-5, the new crossover SUV Mazda, which will be launched early in 2012 globally.

As part of its new production technique, Mazda uses a steel has ultra-high strength of 800 MPa to realize the montees beams on the inside of the front and rear, beams directly subject to deteriorations crash . 20% stronger than their predecessors and weighing 4.8 kg less, these new shield beams are a key component of the new highly rigid fat-reduced architecture Mazda. It”s part of his revolutionary program of development of SKYACTIV technology that Mazda has developed this new body architecture, which integrates a new energy absorbing structure and uses a steel has ultra-high resistance for the sake of weight gain.

The use of steel has high resistance allows to reduce the thickness auto parts while retaining a high level of resistance. It results in an significant weight reduction of the vehicle. It is especially important to limit the weight of bumper beams for, are integrated into the body structure at the most distant point of the vehicle”s center of gravity, they greatly influence their weight on dynamic performance and responsiveness. They must also be robust to ensure adequate protection in case of collision. For all these reasons, Mazda has sought to develop a method for producing large series of parts from a more resistant steel.

However, a more robust material is, the less flexible and therefore less energy it absorbs crash. To overcome this, Mazda conducted extensive studies on the way in which the bumper beams deform on impact, and created a new concept to absorb the energy more efficiently. Concerned further that the CX-5 offers maximum resistance thanks to its shields, Mazda collaborated with Futaba Kogyo Co., Ltd. to optimize the welding techniques and implement a highly reliable manufacturing process.

Going forward, Mazda is more than ever determined to reduce the weight of its vehicles and improve their dynamic performance. At the same time, Mazda guarantee a high level of rigidity in their crate and excellent impact resistance has to offer all its customers a remarkable accreditation of conduct and outstanding performance in matters of safety and environmental protection.

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