Mazda CX-5 vs Honda CR-V 2017: more than ever, the consumer wins

Final December, I had the opportunity to go to represent the Automobile Guide in Vancouver at the launch of the Honda CR-V 2017 In no way getting”m hiding for not like the old generation, which has I reproached not give something other than a badge on a hood, I had been bee mouth to see the good quality of the item that Honda showed us.

In all respects, the CR-V in 2017 seemed to me so dominant, I did not see any automobile could pass him in the category of compact SUVs.

I identified it superior even to the Mazda CX-five SUV which won awards about the globe, every single year, for its qualities.

We go back the launch of the new Mazda CX-five. We place new in quotes since, in reality, it is primarily the exact same automobile as final year, but improves by nouveautes package. In the middle, known as ca refreshment mid-cycle. That mentioned, when I was chatting with a single of our editors, to enumerate force the novelties presented on the Mazda CX-five, we realized that a single could virtually speak of a new generation. Quieter, new management, extra effective engine, new design and style, new interior, Mazda presents us, in 2017, a hard t

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