Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE: To save lives and clashes …

Mazda offers new life to the Mazda6 2014. Thanks to the SKYACTIV technologies applied to the physique and the drive method, the six has turn into extra effective and fuel consumption decreases. But she also produced gains in matters of safety with the introduction of the i-Activsense technologies, a package that involves up to eight systems to assistance driving.

To place this type of device to the test, there is nothing at all like a behind the wheel test. Mazda has thus organized a test session at Circuit ICAR in Mirabel and I tested a number of devices in true circumstance.

At the base of the new i-Activsense method, there is a series of sensors (cameras, lasers and radar) that capture diverse info about the driving atmosphere and transmit them to a laptop or computer. If vital, it then sends commands to the diverse systems to warn the driver to intervene, or even to take manage in case of imminent collision.

the SCBS
Initially, I attempted the intelligent Technique of brake help city (SCBS). This device only operates in sp

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