Mazda RX-8 2009, fun … and fun!

You can envision, the RX-eight is not the most well known auto in Mazda. In reality, it is now the least run model, Mazda has barely Operating the 659 units final year. Of course, we can not hope to sell as a lot of RX-eight that significant diffusion models like the Mazda3 and Tribute, but in my humble opinion, the sales of this cup sports deserve to be much more quite a few.

Correct, the RX-eight has had in its infancy its share of challenges with respect to reliability. And it is also accurate that the quite “exotic” fuel economy slows much more purchasers currently than ever. Nonetheless, it is now a mature auto, ingeniously created, and 1 of the couple of to be capable to combine sporty driving and practicality.

At significantly less than $ 4000, there are really couple of automobiles capable to express themselves on the road with as considerably gusto. doubt is really not how was the RX-eight is a good sport. The latter, regardless of a energy say … conservative, manages to ridicule on circuit immensely more quickly automobiles, and considerably much more highly-priced. And the R3 version, new in 2009, is possibly the sharpest of all. The latter is certainly the only 1 to advantage from specially adapted Bilstein dampers to the auto, as properly as 19-inch wheels.

It is in significant element thanks to its extraordinary weight distribution front / rear 48% / 52% as the RX-eight manages to travel the roads with such a balance. Of course, ultra rigid frame, its precise steering and higher-overall performance tires let it to show of agility on the road that Guy Lafleur on the ice, but it is evident that the weight distribution plays a lot. Speaking of weight, it is narcotic to see that it remains quite affordable, ranging from below 400 kilos bar. 

The crucial? The accreditation
In contrast to a lot of competitors, the RX-eight is powered auto. Its unbelievable balance limit evasions of the rear train, but they may possibly nonetheless happen, adding a tiny spice to the conduct. safety concern, Mazda equips its section of a relatively permissive technique of electronic stability which does not influence the driving pleasure. For there is the secret of the RX-eight. It was good you repeat that this is an agile auto, handy and beautifully balanced, it all these products would have no worth if there was not pleased. But think me, there is!

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The RX-eight is the type of auto with which 1 finds excuses to get out. This is the type of auto with which detours make us pleased and with whom you never ever get bored. And in addition to getting the feeling of becoming 1 with her, she sings by means of its exhaust 1 of the most captivating music that brings us nearly to query the relevance of supplying a set of Bose audio chain.

Rotatably thirsty!
The well-known Wankel rotary engine cycle of the RX-eight is excellent on 1 of the products that personalizes this auto. To answer the query much more, this uncommon mechanics calls for no specific upkeep, if that verify the oil level much more on a regular basis. Even so, you have an understanding of that it is much better to entrust upkeep has accustomed. Building in a manual version a energy of 232 horsepower (212 with automatic), the engine performs differently from a V6 or a 4-cylinder turbocharged. A tiny to the way of a motorcycle, he likes montees in eating plan (up to 000 rpm) but shows only quite tiny torque. And as I mentioned, it emits a unique sonority of the most pleasant.

The lack of torque certainly forces the driver to play lever to sustain a excellent level of energy. The driver is really forced to accelerate much more quickly to attain the preferred energy. And as 1 primarily based much more on the pedal, alarming fuel consumption ensues. This is why so good disparity involving customer ratings with EnerGuide Outcomes Displaying and which we calculate. Combining city driving and highway driving, according EnerGuide will have to foresee an typical of about 11 liters per 100 kilometers. Personally, by combining the two and producing positive to use the fuel advisable, I could not do much better than 15.7 liters per 100 km! It is much more than a Mustang 300 V8 horses!

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Not a household, but …
A single of the most intriguing elements of this section, except for road its skills, also lies in its cabin which can adequately accommodate 4 adults. Of course, you will not discover the space of a CX-9, but for a sport coupe, this is exceptional. Furthermore, thanks to back portieres has reversed opening, access to the rear seats could not be simpler.

In version R3 has place the trial are the Recaro seats comfy and super wraparound. This version is also recognizable on board has its red bites on the wheel and the gear lever. Otherwise, all the things remains substantially unchanged, which implies that the criticisms are uncommon. In reality, I personally have two to do. 1st, for me who loves usually advantage from a sunroof, I will have to inform you that it would take me right here with no it since of a also low degagement to the head. R3 release, my favourite, is not endowed, which rule the issue, but if you have a view to pick this solution, I hope you do not measure much more than 1.70 meters. The other element is the damn supposedly intelligent crucial that is never ever, and which requires the type of a credit card. For Mazda, we now know that this century is ancient history, as new models like the 2009 Mazda6 are not dotes, but we would do properly to discard for the complete variety . 

In closing, I will have to mention is what the RX-eight, regardless of its 5 properly Counting remains a auto of good beauty. Admittedly, which have been produced this year to rework the front wheels and make it the greatest excellent, but you never ever get tired of watching. So right here is a auto that is aging beauty and aesthetically represents all the things she is, that is to say a sharp sporty created with the sole goal to spice up the life of its driver.

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Model was tested

Version tested

Value variety

model of cost testing

Fundamental warranty

Powertrain Warranty

Consumption (city / highway / observed)



Powerful points

Weak points

Mazda RX-August 2009
3295 $ 439
$ 488
years / 800km
years / 1600km
12.eight / 9.two / 15.7l / 100km
metallized paint ($ 105)
BMW three Series Coupe, Ford Mustang, Infiniti G37 Coupe, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Nissan 350Z
  • the road intoxicating
  • driving agrement notes
  • constantly sublime Line
  • Practicality considerable
  • Affordable cost
  • Fuel gargantuan appetite
  • modest energy (automatic)
  • Lack of torque
  • Low degagement to the head with sunroof
  • access to technique ineffective with no crucial

Appreciation card


subjective worth




Common appreciation

1.five / 5Franchement, absolutely nothing justifies also a fuel consumption higher, particularly when 1 considers that the auto calls for fuel is 91 octane.
four. / 5The RX-eight lends itself has certainly not all the awards, but it nonetheless presents a lot for the cost request.
five. / 5An accurate beauty which in addition, is conspicuous by its originality.
three.five / 5Naturellement, we discover no comfort of a Buick, but the auto earns points for its cabin can accommodate 4 adults and their seats, finely carved.
four. / 5J”aurais assigns three/five to engine overall performance and complete marks for its overall performance for roads. By averaging, it just takes place to four/five.
four. / 5Force is to admit that the only disappointments from the engine, also greedy and also strong. For the rest, ca close to perfection.