Mazda6 2014 it unveiled its security technologies we avancees i-ACTIVSENSE “

Mazda engine Corporation introduced a collection of avancees protection technologies, grouped beneath the name***)( that is i-ACTIVSENSE.(**)A technological approach that will be on the 2014 Mazda6.

Mazda The driver is helped by these technologies determine the risk, prevent the collision and lower the seriousness of the accident whenever it becomes inevitable. The brand new Mazda6 will be loaded with the entire array of technology i-ACTIVSENSE “guarantee of maximum protection into the problems of the very diverse driving.

At Mazda, the investigation and development on protection technology is founded on the viewpoint of the organization, whose protection is really a pillar that is fundamental. The Mazda Proactive Safety aims to minimize the risk of accidents by maximizing the conditions and circumstances in which the driver has to master even the car safely.

The Name”means that are i-ACTIVSENSE collection of avancees protection technologies, created lined up with the Mazda Proactive protection. They normally use a detection that is different, including radar and the camera. It contains active safety technologies that help the driver identify hazards, and technologies that contribute to the prevention, or at least that reduce significantly the severity of the collision became inevitable.

The finality of the Security Proactive Mazda is to ensure driving that is accident-free. In view with this perfect, Mazda will stay its analysis and development on protection technologies to keep to give its consumers items that incorporate driving satisfaction with exceptional characteristics of protection and value when it comes to environment.

i-ACTIVSENSE protection technologies
Assistance while operating:    
Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC)
Eve ended up being maintaining security distances up to speed 200 km / h braking and adapting the rate.

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Detection of dangers:   
Forward Obstruction Warning (FOW)
Detects the foregoing car and alerts the motorist early adequate collision threat to provide him time and energy to brake or perform maneuver of avoidance.

Lane Departure Warning program (LDWS)
Warns the motorist inadvertently altering of lanes.

Rear Vehicle Monitoring (RVM)
System able to identify automobiles into the blind area and alert the motorist.

High-Beam Control program (HBC)
Provides ideal evening sight by immediately alternating primary ray and dipped in order to prevent to dazzle motorists coming one other way.

Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS)
Rotates the headlights to raised illuminate around sides, in line with the rotation associated with tyre together with rate associated with vehicle.

Prevention of collision and harm restriction:   
Smart Brake Support (SBS)
Monitors traffic foregoing between 15 and 145 kilometer / h. The driver is warned by the system when the distance of safety is no longer respected and brakes automatically in case of collision.

Smart City Brake Support (SCBS)
automatically slows the car to avoid a collision that is frontal reasonable rate (4 to 30 km / h) or even mitigate the results (Smart Brake Support works through a reasonable rate in metropolitan traffic and obstruction).

Distance Recognition help System (DRSS)
Measuring the exact distance involving the motor vehicle together with car forward, and, with regards to the rate, determines enough time staying ahead of the vehicle grabs within the car.