McLaren 650S: faster than a Ferrari 458 Speciale

The 1st McLaren 650S just out of the factory in Woking, England, and McLaren took the chance to bring us the mouth water by unveiling some essential statistics on its new supercar.

The 650S will use a much more highly effective version of the MP4-12C engine, a V8 twin-turbo three.eight-liter, 641 horsepower developping right here and 500 foot-pounds of torque. All this energy will allow the auto to accelerate from to 100 km / h in three seconds and a 200 km / h in eight.four seconds to spray the 400 (also known as a quarter mile) in 10.five seconds . It can also attain 333 km / h. A further fascinating detail, the 650S recorded a consumption of 11.7 L / 100 km in mixed driving, according to the EPA. By comparison, its closest rival, the Ferrari 458 Speciale, is also quickly on -100, but requires .7 second to attain 200 km / h complete 400m 10.7 seconds en route to a leading speed of 325 km / h.

McLaren 650S will be offered in versions reduce and Spider, and will be unveiled at Geneva on four March.

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