McLaren P1: a hybrid powertrain 916 horses

So far, the path of McLaren was content material to present us his P1 racing auto with no us unveil its mechanical element.

But this is now completed and we understand that the McLaren P1 is powered by a potent hybrid powertrain.

A rechargeable hybrid
The P1 makes use of the engine central position of the MP4-12C, is a blistering V8 biturbo three.eight liter, for instance, sees its power commit 625 has 737 horsepower. It is connected with an electric motor that adds 179 further horsepower. In total, the McLaren P1 issued 916 horses.

Its lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and provides the bolide autonomy in all electric process restricted only ten kilometers. In fast charging mode, the battery can recover its complete strength in two hours.

Derivative of McLaren practical experience in Formula 1, the sensual P1 sequential transmission with paddle possesses a IPAS button which activates the electric motor, so that it can instantaneously provide its maximum energy.

A excellent Lightweight and hyperperformante auto unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

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