Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2012: Shanghai here I am!

Audi wins frank success with the marketing of its small A1 three-door cut and that he will be when it comes to joining the Sportback version five portieres of that car? Moreover, it is already preparing to deliver S1 version of this little cheeky.

At Mercedes-Benz, one must react and currently working very hard to develop the next generation of Class A and B ranges Quite recently, the German brand is room on the Net a sketch announcing the unveiling of the next Mercedes next Benz Class A. a range which will include hatchback versions and three portieres or possibly a four-door sedan.

Unlike the current model, which possesses a subfloor, the next version will have a more conventional structure.

To counter version VITAMINEE S1 of the little Audi A1, it is expected even offer an AMG declination of the small Class A whose engine would power beyond 300 horses.

Like the little Audi A1 which will be available in America in four years with the release of the second version, there are chances that may be the same for the future-Class from Mercedes-Benz .

A concept version of the future Mercedes-Benz Class A is expected at the end of the month at the Shanghai Motor Show.

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