Mercedes-Benz brings us a 6×6 4×4 …

You don’t forget the huge G-Class 6×6 Mercedes-Benz sells for two years currently? The true monster is capable to overcome any obstacle with a disconcerting facilitates and tends to make the joy of you-noticed-as me about the globe.

Nevertheless, as production is restricted to 20 or 30 units per year, additional millionaires will in no way possess 1 of these cars. Mercedes-Benz, in an work to satisfy his dissatisfied purchasers, decided to launch a additional conciliatory version of its 6x: it is now additional than 4 wheels, but it is as flashy as its massive brother!

To recap, Mercedes-Benz gives the initial class G ordinair: Out there G550 and G63 version of this SUV is primarily based on a military car constructed considering the fact that the year 70. Then, to satisfy its wealthiest clientele, the firm gives version six wheels of this big car. Ultimately, it will sell a version with four wheels of the 6×6.

You nevertheless following?

Anyway, the initial image of the G500 4×4 just be sent to us. On board, we see that the truck is substantially larger than a normal G, his imposing tires and wings are wider than the original models. The selected engine is a V8 with 422 horsepower, which is adequate to climb any mountain.

Costs have not however been released, but they will possibly be on this side of $ 64,000 for 6×6 applications. 

You can see the car at the Geneva Motor Show.

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