Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2012: Meli Melo Tenerife

When big automakers present a new model, the course of action is comparatively basic. It invites journalists from about the planet come and attempt the new creation. In an try to receive a favorable opinion, it usually gives us an exotic location. After there, the organization is commonly impeccable and we can drive as we want the models which arrive in Canada. But even organizations possessing an exceptional reputation in the press travel arrangements could stumble. I have lately had encounter with Mercedes-Benz, whose organization has undergone some rats at the launch of the new C-Class sedan

But ahead of speaking about the test drive itself, so this is what we reserve the new C-Class which will be sold in Canada.

The refinement of the generation
The present generation of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class was launched in 2007 as a model 2008. Till that date, the models of the C-Class had been of intriguing vehicles, but it was rather basic in fact and styling driving. This generation has taken a huge step forward with a substantially additional sporty silhouette typee who positioned this car or truck involving sports has any hair and a funeral director sedan. In addition, numerous engines offered permitted to decide on the form of car or truck we wanted to get. Ultimately, the new platform was extraordinary.

The time had come to dust off somewhat this model. This time, no dramatic modifications, not completely reviewed silhouette, but a handful of cosmetic alterations to rejuvenate the silhouette and some amendments created in terms of powertrains. In brief, this car or truck desires to be his age and engineers have taken methods to adapt to the requirements of the day. According to Mercedes-Benz it is the most crucial interim revision of this model because replaced more than two,000 pieces in the car or truck.

This is crucial ahead of
When we appear at this new generation of the C-Class profile, the modifications seem to be comparatively modest. Then when moves forward, the modifications are substantially additional crucial. As a result, the complete front component is modified with new road lights, a new aluminum hood, a revised front grille and connected road lights are LED-form lights. You need to know that daytime operating lights are henceforth necessary all through the European neighborhood, which has enabled the firm stylists take the chance to redesign the optical blocks. Going back to the radiator grille, note that it differs according to the models. There is one particular that is constituted of numerous horizontal tabs and star silver throne on best of the hood. There is a different, substantially additional sophisticated, which hosts the star of funds in its center like the sportier models of the brand.

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Modifications at the rear are additional modest. We initially note of a new bumper that is additional integrated in the rear diffuser. In addition, lights host henceforth LEDs. Inside, at initially glance eye, you recognize that there have been modifications, but with out understanding what they are for the reason that it is far additional evolutionary than spectacular. We note initially of all the new steering wheel. It has a bottom planar portion of the C300 and C350. Some alterations had been carried out on the indicator dials that are considerably less complicated to see. The air vents are also new. These at the ends are circular and these housed at the center are rectangular. In addition, wood appliques are wider and inspired sedan E-Class

We should also strain that the show of telematics has been modified and it is substantially larger than previously. Of course, the good quality of components and finish is nonetheless pretty higher. It is tricky for a firm to renew in this chapter, but even if it is a comparatively Evolution smart, it is realized and we did not pass subsequent to the target.

New engines
The most crucial in this new generation of sedan C-Class is the arrival of two new powertrains and improvement in terms of consumption of the engines currently in the catalog. These two new powertrains include things like firstly a 4-cylinder engine of two.five liters which is supplied on the rear wheel drive version. Dote direct injection, to give an intriguing fuel economy, this 4-cylinder turbocharged 220 horsepower merchandise and 229 lb-ft of torque. Mercedes-Benz announces acceleration time of 7.two seconds. The automatic transmission, the only one particular offered is the 7 G-Tronic, which as its name suggests, is a transmission has seven gears.

The other new engine is a three.five-liter V6 also has direct injection and produces 101 horsepower additional than the 4-cylinder. It is also connected to the similar transmission as the latter. Also according to Mercedes-Benz, the engine would -100 k / h in six seconds.

Ultimately, the C250 4Matic and C300 4Matic models are back. The initially with a V6 engine of 250 horsepower and the second with a three.0L V6. Once again, it is the automatic transmission has seven gears is offered. Of course, we should not overlook the C63 AMG version that is equipped the similar six.two-liter V8 engine that previously. For cons, the 7G-Tronic transmission is replaced by the box AMG SPEEDSHIFT seven reports. This is the similar transmission that is provided on the E 63 AMG and possesses the Race Start out mode. Detail to strain, men and women will opt for the Functionality Group will advantage from a motor making 30 further horsepower even though the best speed is scope has 280 km / h.

So to summarize:
C250 receives the new 4-cylinder two.five liter and C250 4Matic continues with V6 two.five liter. The C300 is abandoned and the C300 4Matic is back with its three.-liter V6. The C350 and C350 4Matic entitled to the new three.five-liter V6. And C63AMG continues to impress with its six.two-liter V8 with 451 horsepower.

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Of course, all models can be equipped with numerous choices enhancing the security, comfort and functionality. The list is nearly endless. By cons, it is intriguing to note that the mechanism Consideration Help is series. The program informs the driver that it could doze driving and advised him to quit to stretch and wake up.

Iberian imbroglio
So substantially for the presentation of the distinctive versions that will be offered. I really was excited at the concept driving this new generation of the C-Class As quickly unloaded from the plane at the airport of Tenerife, and my co-driver Jacques Deshaies confrere and I are swiftly moving towards the choice of kiosk vehicles. Common rule, men and women SHALL calmly. But because our group of journalists consists of numerous brethren from Russia, it promptly degenerates. So substantially so that the particular person accountable for the distribution of the models was overrun promptly. Let us add also that the quantity of models Class C dotes Canadian configuration tends to make engine and bodywork was pretty low.

Right after numerous minutes of discussion, we extirpated from this mob with the keys of a C200 endowed with a manual transmission has six gears. If you have study the foregoing in this text, you know that this model is not offered in Canada. So soon after additional than 15 hours by plane, we finish up driving a automobile that will not industry our continent. To quote Charles Tisseyre, fabulous! At least we had a sedan that was powered by a petrol engine. Other Canadian brethren had been treated to a loved ones powered by a turbo diesel engine. Needless to say, the smile was not in the game.

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That mentioned, take items in viewpoint. It is accurate that our powertrain was somewhat fanciful in light of our perform, but we have been in a position to assess the handling, suspension and even the functionality of this 4-cylinder engine that cedes numerous horses version two.five liter direct injection. In spite of a deficit of tens of horsepower more than the two.five-liter, 4-cylinder engine that possessed an intriguing couple diet plan low and functionality are assumed afford to -100 km / h in much less than 10 seconds. Which is promising for the new two.five-liter engine.

We have also been in a position to appreciate the new substantially less complicated indicator dials consultation even though the satellite navigation program is gaining in sophistication and rapidity. In Europe, MercedesBenz gives an optional new navigation program connects to Google. This program will be subsequently offered in Canada, but not for model year 2012. In addition, the program commence / quit that cuts the engine to the quit is offered on the european versions but does not cross the Atlantic.

In spite of our Meli-Melo in fact attempting to model, we can at least conclude that this new generation is additional refined, additional aesthetic and additional full. Additionally, if we rely on feedback from our colleagues who had the chance to drive a C250 and the new 4-cylinder engine, the powertrain is pretty intriguing and need to prove to be an asset in the eyes of numerous. By cons, it is not offered with the integral cog, which could encourage additional men and women to opt for the V6 version.

In brief, our Iberian adventure was somewhat grotesque. But in spite of the presence of negative engine beneath the hood, it can be all the similar state that this new generation of the C-Class is a pretty intriguing Evolution.