Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA: World premiere in Frankfurt

More than the subsequent year, if you see the EQ letters on a automobile Mercedes-Benz is that it possesses an electrified powertrain. PHEV, as is the case of the Mercedes-AMG Project 1 and the Mercedes-Benz S 560e, 100% electric, as is the case of the wise fortwo vision EQ, and a hydrogen fuel cell, such as in the case of the F-CELL notion GLC. All these cars have been unveiled at the IAA.

The manufacturer has also presented an additional automobile of the future, the Mercedes-Benz Idea EQA. The size of compact models in the variety (Class A, CLA and GLA), this notion auto has two doors is equipped with two electric motors. Their combined energy can attain up to 268 horsepower, though its battery would permit a variety of up to 400 kilometers on a complete charge.

The TES Idea also functions the style be adopted by the electric EQ models from Mercedes-Benz, with a black grille that illuminates a false grid and a lighting of the physique has thin blue stripes. For cons, the 1st 100% electric model of the series will be rather EQC.

The Idea EQA has demonstrated how it can make a fascinating compact auto. It presents an instance of the integration of electric mobility in our compact vehicles, though the latter are an significant element in our good results, quoted Hubertus Troska, member of the management committee of Daimler AG and accountable for the Chinese marketplace . About the planet, numerous new buyers to the brand have opted for this marketplace segment. According to Mercedes-Benz, the United States, more than 50% of purchasers of CLA possess a brand of auto for the 1st time, though China represents the biggest marketplace for the GLA.

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Mercedes-Benz has announced that by 2022, every single model in their variety will give a electrified powertrain.