Mercedes-Benz GL-Class 2016: German forces Tradition

As published in the 2016 Auto Guide

In November 2014, Mercedes-Benz announced it would rename numerous of its models in an work to place some logic in its (wide) variety of automobiles. For instance, the GL-Class will be the GLS given that it is constructed from the platform of the luxury sedan class S. This year, the GL retains its name, but a couple of months, rumors speak of the Fair Los Angeles in November, a new generation need to be presented and the S will be added to the nomenclature. 

These semantic precisions which have been produced, note that the GL is the biggest SUV from Mercedes-Benz. Just climb aboard for realizing it. Or the parallel parking in Saint Denis. But in the smaller globe of immense luxury SUV, it is one particular of the most wretched. Chetif is probably not the suitable word, notice … It is shorter than the Cadillac Escalade, Infiniti QX80 and that the Lincoln Navigator. Logically, his chest is also one particular of the least inhabitable. Barely 295 liters when the records of the third row are collected and 300 when all files are declines. 1 can get lost anyway if you venture with out compass, but you will be located by the re

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