Mercedes-Benz GLE Cup: BMW X6 in his sights

World-wide-web nonetheless has when gate: soon after a photo of his new SUV is out on the internet yesterday evening, Mercedes-Benz had no decision but to present his new GLE reduce in its entirety.

The makers by no means mention their direct competitors, but a rapid glance eye has this automobile is adequate to see that courtisera BMW X6 purchasers. To do this, it utilizes the exact same recett: it is primarily based on the M-Class (which is now named GLE), but proper angle roof that triggered him to drop the cargo space and the degagement for passengers back .

Distinctive versions of GLE reduce will be offered: the GLE 350d 4MATIC leads with a diesel engine generant 457 couple-foot pounds (no confirmation of its import right here for the moment), followed by the GLE model 400 4MATIC and V6 Dual turbo 333 horsepower. At the major of the variety the throne GLE 450 AMG, which will also be the very first AMG Sport automobile. It will use a revised version of the V6 developping 367 horses to move, and will be entitled to an interior and functionalities worthy sports models from Mercedes-Benz, and a couple of thousand dollars much less.

The builder also chance to present the livery of the AMG model, the GLE 63 Coupe 4MATIC which have a twin-turbo V8 AMG developping a energy of 577 horsepower and 561 lb / ft of torque.

What ever the version, an automatic gearbox has nine reports is presented. 20-inch wheels are on the plan, but the a lot more opulent models inherit wheels 21 and even 22 inches (hello winter tires!).

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