Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo autonomous van of the generation Z

At the Tokyo Auto Salon, the focus is often on high technology, manufacturers dare to present concepts that are too wacky judges in other global shows.

As proof, here is the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concep: this big vehicle shaped egg was designed to integrate a battery of new technologies related to autonomous driving.

Indicated to be popular with the generation Z – which privileged life in urban and portable computers to cars – the Tokyo Vision can be considered as being a living room connects to wheels, occupants take place in loveseats has the appearance comfortable and can use the projectors to interact with the computer. Like the F 015 Luxury in Motion, the walls of Tokyo Vision are also parees of screens.

Tokyo Vision is obviously designed to drive alone, however, just in case, a steering wheel is mounted centrally in the passenger compartment. The eventual driver can then press a button for the steering wheel is camouflaged in the dashboard!

At the heart of this concept, there is a motorisation as well as hydrogen rechargeable battery wirelessly. The Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo would have a total range of 980 km, 190 of them from only electric power industry.

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