Mopar Concepts for SEMA Show 2016

Every year, the components division at CFA, Mopar, brings some beautiful creations at the SEMA Show to show what its engineers are in a position (and also to impress in this location, it is often the key target!).

2016 will be no exception to the regl: you can see a couple of drawings from amongst CFA that will give us an concept of ​​what we Mopar reserves.

Very first, we can see a black Dodge Challenger sinistr look: he is entitled to fine strips and has a Shaker hood, but we do not know extra.

Then we see the side of a white automobile covered with blue decals. This is a Chrysler Pacifica and we can suspect that the van will be some accessories for surfers.

Then comes a Dodge Durango lurking in the shadows. The only issue we can see is that he has black decals on the hood.

It also has a RAM Energy Wagon with what seems to be a spoiler on the box. We assume that we can hang accessories.

Lastly, there will be a Jeep Wrangler modifies way to resemble an old CJ6, but extra modern day. He has a LED headlights.
We”ll see all these autos at the SEMA Show in November.

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