Motor Show in Frankfurt 2013: 5 favorites 5 and rants

On every occasion, the Auto Show in Frankfurt does not fail to impress with its size and by the avalanche of novelties proposed. In addition to, the two days devoted to the specialized press are not adequate to see all the things that is presented. The IAA is 159 globe premieres, 1098 exhibitors from 35 nations distributed in eleven halls creating a total location of ​​23000 square meters, and 000 journalists from 97 nations cover this biannual occasion. In this wave breaker unveilings and launches, I identified 5 shots heart and 5 rants. Right here they burst …

Hot c u?:

BMW i8 serie
BMW opened the show with a spectacular presentation featuring all models of all brands of the group, such as motorcycles. But the correct star of the Bavarian manufacturer is undoubtedly the production version of the i8 hybrid sports auto. A heat engine three cylinder 1.five liter developping 231 horsepower and 236 foot-pounds of torque which delivers its energy to the rear wheels, by a second electric motor, which sends 131 horsepower and 184 foot-pounds more than the front wheels. The i8 is endowed with a total energy of 362 hp and torque total of 320 lb-ft, which announces a time of four.four seconds for -100 km / hour, according to BMW. All that with a hangover from hell … No wonder the prototype of this auto has created the cover of Auto Guide in 2012!

Porsche 918 Spyder
At Porsche, official presentation of the 918 Spyder with the announcement that auto, equipped of all optional Weissach, has inscribed a new lap record on the Nordschleife with a time of six minutes 57 seconds, becoming the very first auto possessing managed to full 1 revolution of the legendary circuitry in much less than 7 minutes. For the Germans, the Nordschleife is the Holy Grail and this is September four final 3 pilots or Walter Rohrl, double Planet Rally Championship and improvement at Porsche driver Timo Kluck test driver for Porsche and Marc Lieb, Porsche factory driver had driven with two 918 Spyder, realizing various turns to under seven minutes honor of the quickest lap revenant Marc Lieb. Yet another star of the cover of Auto Guide in 2013. Right here, there is like a theme that develops right here …

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Mercedes-Benz GLA
The GLA crossover enters it with us in the year 2014 if its value is as appealing as that of the current CLA, Mercedes-Benz will be a misfortune to us with this automobile in eye-catching style. Engine 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, integral cog box and a dual-clutch seven reports will be at the rendezvous for his arrival in the nation. We appear forward currently!

Volvo Notion Coupe
For the Swedish brand, the quantity 1 priority at present is marketing and advertising the XC90 SUV, whose launch has been awarded various occasions, and which is necessary for the manufacturer of the balance sheet. In spite of all the things, the management gave the green light for the improvement of the Notion Coupe, which is created on the basis of the modular platform utilised in the XC90, to present the new visual identity of the brand. Boasting a presence at each athletic and strong, the Coupe Notion enables the Swedish manufacturer to capture the consideration of the specialized press, Volvo has been practically totally absent from the mediatic landscape in current years. A tiny balm for fans of Volvo, and we want them luck.

Alpina D3 Bi-Turbo
This could be the its entry in my garage anytime but regrettably there is incredibly tiny likelihood that the D3 Bi-Turbo by Alpina Created possibly be marketed at dwelling. Animated by a diesel engine six-cylinder three.-liter supercharged by two turbochargers spewing 350 horses and 516 lb-ft of torque to all 4 wheels books by means of an integral cog optional, the D3 Bi-Turbo is the ultimate sleeper with its loved ones-like configuration. We can often dream…

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Hot gueul:

Jaguar C-X17
Not surprisingly, the English brand is content material to say that the C-X17 is only present in the new architecture Lighter aluminum that will serve the improvement of the Jaguar series of models May possibly. For instance a new compact auto that should really make its entry into in the course of year 2015. The manufacturing will probably get a piece of the pie in the very lucrative niche sport utility. The principal mission of the C-X17 becomes to make certain that this concept tends to make its way into the thoughts of the consumer. We can not blame Jaguar has to want to play on all tables, but would not it be extra acceptable to leave the niche sport utility automobiles has Land Rover is also the house of Tata Motors?

Bugatti Veyron Legend Jean Bugatti
Right here we go once again … Bugatti launches the second declension of the Veyron belonging to the exclusive new series The legends of Bugatti, just to make certain that its wealthy clientele launches in-game Inflatable neighbors. Created on the basis of the Grand Sport Vitesse, the Jean Bugatti will be created has 3 copies and honors the eldest son of the brand”s founder who was also the creator of the popular Kind 57SC Atlantic. announced Value: two.28 million …

Audi Nanuk Notion
This idea presented by Audi in Frankfurt is not really unpublished, simply because it repeats the theme addressed by the idea Giugiaro Parcour, exhibited at Auto Show in Geneva. This is not surprising because the Audi Nanuk Notion was also carried out by the firm Italdesign Giugiaro. V10 turbodiesel five.-liter developping 544 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque, quattro integral cog and adaptive air suspension are the appointment for this auto which is neither a sporting genuine or genuine adventurer. In contrast to the Sport Quattro Notion which honors a popular auto brand with the 4 rings, the Nanuk Notion did not arouse significantly interest regardless of the truth that it was 1 of the handful of only surprises the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Mansonr: variety
The Auto Shows Geneva and Frankfurt make area for tuners and other compact series producers such as Alpina, Brabus, and so on. This year Mansonry won the prize for undesirable taste in disguising good automobiles with certainly awful colors, not to mention assault automobile and mannequins gild that decorated its booth … This is not simply because the was funds that was necessarily the fantastic taste and Mansonry is the exact same proof.

Brabus B63S 6X6
4 tons, six wheels, 690 horsepower. Tires 37 inches in diameter. Of inlet pipes covered with gold leaf in order to decrease the temperature. The -100 ad in 7.four seconds. The total is demesure for this automobile outsized Ready BY Brabus primarily based on a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. We smile in all nations generating oil …