MSO presents a very special P1

The MSO branch of McLaren, who customizes automobiles according to the demands (from time to time outlandish) of its wealthiest consumers are not additional for a excellent cause: there are some persons who currently obtain a pretty uncommon race vehicle is conceivable that s” it is one of a kind in the planet for these persons, there is absolutely nothing additional insulting than to arrive at the restaurant at the wheel of their Ferrari red notice identical to the valet parking.

The most current creation of a P1 MSO is modified for a client who had a pretty precise application for divisio: its superbolide was to be as evil as feasible!

The designers have filled this term with bri: P1 is painted black, but has received numerous red accents, its roof, its portieres and its events give the impression that has been made in the flames of hell.

The interior follows the exact same theme, with a handful of vibrant red accents to contrast with the black of the interior.

It is not clear who has the P1 is destiny, but if you see in your mirrors, it would be sensible to pass up!

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