Nissan GT-R 2012: The Japanese missile strikes again

As published in the Auto Guide 2012

You would believe that Nissan does expres. Following lots of months of waiting and speculation fed by a impressive specs, we had to conduct our very first GT-R to the tests devoid of to totally assess its handling and functionality on the track for the 2009 edition of the Guide. And right here it is not possible for us to test the newest version of the Japanese missile is mentioned however improves on numerous points. One more ratee chance to demonstrate that the GT-R definitely deserves to be compared to the ideal sports, she whose cost rises and whose sales figures are stagnating.
Following this mess from the starting that had prevented us from comparing the GT-R has the brilliant Audi R8 in a incredibly particular game, on road and track, we could happily catch up largely has its steering wheel. Which includes at the annual AJAC testing or we could enchainer dozens of rounds on a course that combines assessment combos and turns of all varieties, seasoned with a slalom greenhouse and intense braking.

The GT-R had devoured this course with a ferocity, a plumb and extraordinary precision, never ever out of breath or capricious or unpredictable show, even if the skid was disables this track circuit has the very same one particular airport runways Ontario. Capable of longitudinal accelerations and lateral fairly incredible, it showed a total effectiveness. It was, on the other hand, inform all passengers to cling firmly for the reason that the ride definitely cared the most spectacular rut.

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The beast has its limits
We had been left of these test days of the Nissan GT-R impress and took a genuine affection for this pure mechanical beast which, below a silhouette taillee scalpel, hides a heart of tiger and the stallion muscle tissues . We also revert with spectacular chrono of acceleration realized by disabling the anti-skid, leaving climb the regime of V6 twin turbo 500 rev / min ahead of a dry clutch. The GT-R was then jumped from to 100 km / h in three.85 seconds swallows the quarter mile in 12. seconds with a top rated to 193 km / h. This technique, explained by a technician from Nis