Nissan introduced the Murano 2015

Visitors to your Montreal car Show will discover Canadian premiere Nissan Murano 2015, the 3rd generation of the( model that is. The Murano 2015 takes almost all visual content of the concept Nissan Resonance and transposes the new conceptual orientation of Nissan with the aerodynamic movement V in the front, the headlights and boomerang-shaped floating roof on sale a few weeks. This advanced SUV is a component of a ultra-competitive niche with measurements numerous designs to pick from.

Murano 2015 is equipped as standard having a V6 engine DOHC 3.5 liter 260 horsepower and torque of 240 ft-lbs. This motor is the most utilized by the maker, no surprises that are big this chapter. This is detached transmission that is mechanical a constantly adjustable Xtronic. Provides having a series that is good of record, the Murano 2015 exists in four design: S, SV, SL and Platinum. Murano features a front-wheel (S, SV) or AWD (SV, SL and Platinum).

All novelties associated with Montreal car Show

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