Nissan plans to produce an autonomous car by 2020

Google, Volkswagen, Ford and a number of other suppliers are functioning on autonomous driving a auto.

Now is Nissan plans to do the similar.

The Japanese manufacturer is provided till 2020 to make certain the start off-up of its 1st auto Autonomous Drive.

To do this, we will make a testing center and a track that will consist of obstacles and buildings to generate a atmosphere as close as feasible to reality.

Nissan Autonomous Drive
The auto driving autonomous Nissan has a number of laser scanners 360 ?, which detect any possible obstacles, in addition to recognizing the distinctive indicators.

It is certainly linked to an artificial intelligence technique installed in the auto, which brings the auto to react to the information transmitted by the scanner.

Nissan will companion has wonderful universities to recognize his project, such as these of Tokyo, Oxford, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon and MIT.

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