Nissan Rogue 2014: The age of reason

When it appeared in 2008, the Nissan Rogue was intended to a good profession. He got by becoming the greatest promoting Nissan automobile in Canada. Nonetheless, as time passed and Snape had difficulty to comply with the parade. For it have to be talked about, the compact SUV had been happily refined in current years. In the existing marketplace, an SUV that has not changed for 5 years appears like a blind man attempting to realize the operation of an iPhone at a rave.

Nissan has place its Rogue to modern taste. Pretty small resemblance to the old model. The new structure is primarily based on the Frequent Module Loved ones platform (CMF) Nissan also shared by Renault. Note that our Rogue is distributed in the European marketplace beneath the name X-Trail, a household name right here but which represented a distinct automobile just a handful of years.

excellent appears
They say a gorgeous automobile is much easier to sell a much less benefit … The Rogue danger however know the accomplishment! Its lines revolutionizing nothing at all, but anything is to please and they do not go out of style subsequent week. The progress or are the brands is inside. The dashboard is lastly worthy of bearing this name with its gorgeous colour schemes, specially when the upholstery is beige. Most components are in excellent high quality in spite of some challenging plastics, mostly in the decrease aspect of the passenger compartment. Regardless of this, there is a marked improvement. Let”s use this section of the cockpit to mention NissanConnect technique that tends to make a initial look at Nissan. This technique, which incorporates what is performed elsewhere, appears to me rather friendly, though it can lead to distraction when utilised, it was an work to prevent the pitfalls of a technique like the demonic Sync Ford.

The Rogue is henceforth present in the SV version with the family members group, with 3 rows of seats. No doubt the designers of discovering treasures of imagination to generate that ultimate row. And no doubt it will take treasures of imagination to come across a comfy adult in the course of a hike the least bit lengthy … The Rogue who does not possess 3 rows of the technique are dotes Divide “Hide N which, according to Nissan, not beneath 18 distinct trunk configurations. Hours of exciting in sight. The second row by cons, is really roomy and comfy. Like the seats in front that my soft physique accepts with no complaint.

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recognized Mecanique
Nissan has possibly been powerful inventive side of the style, it was much less engine rating! QR25DE the 4 cylinder two.five liter is 170 horses 000 rev / min and 175 ft-lbs to 400 rev / min. It has as a result not changed. Because the new Rogue weighs 49 kilos far more than the older generation, we can not count on functionality to break anything. Even so, I envision that if one particular opts for a Rogue, functionality and sportsmanship are not figuring out things. In reality, the sonority for much less pocket of the 4-cylinder acceleration is a really clear indication of his enthusiasm to operate …

Even though this engine has no gains in energy and must hang far more weight, consumption information had been lowered by 18%. This is largely thanks to greater aerodynamics, but above all thanks to a new CVT transmission. Furthermore, beneath the automobile, there are a number of tricks like plates and deflectors has profusely. Taking benefit of these improvements, Nissan claims to an typical consumption in town eight.two l / 100 km and six.two on the road for a Rogue integral cog and 7.9 and six. for traction.

In our tests, we could not measure the consumption on the road but a city trip only gave us an typical really higher. Admittedly, we do not have our poor household Snape! Certainly, my colleague and I invest a lot of time attempting to come across the distinction among the Sport mode (activating a button on the dashboard, left of the steering wheel) and Regular mode. By dint of sudden accelerations or sweet, retained or wild and low or higher speeds, we ended up … ask a Nissan technician who told us that in Sport mode, the CVT was withholding longer virtual relationships. Oh … In quick, our stepettes to have contributed to considerably boost consumption with no highlighting any sporting behavior … In regular use, we can count on a substantially greater level of consumption. And not necessarily to arrive at Nissan”s numbers, I guess you can get an typical of eight.two or eight.five l / 100 km with no substantially work.

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How not out of the lot
On the road, the Rogue behaves like any excellent modern SUV in that it delivers a cost-free driving also numerous feelings but disappoint either. In this category, only the Mazda CX-five and Volkswagen Tiguan truly stand out from the crowd. Management has electric help of Rogue delivers a resistant nicely studied, its accuracy is right, on the other hand, the feedback could be greater. The suspensions, has struts at the front and multilink at the rear, delivers exceptional comfort – at least on the roads in really excellent situation in the region of ​​Nashville, Tennessee – and annihilate virtually anything rolling. Unless you push the machine, a want that I have seasoned as really short-term and merely for the sake of professionalism.

The Rogue will be sold with the front wheel drive or integral cog. In this regard, mention that this is the exact same mechanism that officiated in the prior generation. The Rogue AWD entitled to handle the adhesion downhill, a technique that will democratize immediately and, working with ABS brakes and traction handle technique permits the driver to go down a slope with no obtaining to touch brakes, which could result in a wheel lock. For these interested, the strategy angle is 17.four degrees, the ramp angle of 18.six and the output 25. angle. If this does something to you, it”s not critical. Ca If you say some thing is that you like driving off road for critical and that Snape interested you likely not. What you must know is that the integral cog – hand in hand with excellent winter tires and a mature driving – can result in you to your location safely even when the floor is covered with a handful of centimeters of snow.

Significantly less than a Pathfinder, far more than Juke
The Nissan line in America is one particular of the most disparate that can exist. It goes from the fundamental Versa Note to the GTR intense and bizarre Juke has immense Armada. The Rogue is larger than a Juke but smaller sized than a Pathfinder which itself is smaller sized than Armada. Henceforth, the Rogue possesses a corporate face (it resembles far more to other Nissan models as ahead of) and driving behavior really in the normal. And right here I currently come across myself to dream of a NISMO release!

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The 2014 Rogue will be accessible in December. Costs have not been announced, but I envision they will align these enemies swear that are the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. As the initial starts at $ 2705 and the second in 2990 $, it currently has a excellent concept. We will hold you we have news about it! And numerous other subjects as …


Model was tested

Version tested

Beginning value

model of value testing

Standard warranty

Powertrain Warranty

Consumption (city / highway / observed)



Powerful points

Weak points

2014 Nissan Rogue
years / 600km
years / 1000km
9.six / 7.7 / n.d.l / 100km
Chevrolet Equinox, Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson, Jeep Compass, Jeep Patriot, Kia Sportage, Mitsubishi Outlander, Subaru Forester, Toyota RAV4, Volkswagen Tiguan
  • pleasant Esthetique
  • comfort notes
  • protected road behavior
  • Superior level of gear
  • just energy
  • loud engine acceleration
  • Style unenthusiastic Sport
  • Directorate lack of “feedback”

Appreciation card


subjective worth




Basic appreciation

four. / 5Difficile to say as a outcome of a easy test. But according to Nissan, it”s incredible!
three. / 5Niveau passionate small higher … for the author of these lines anyway.
four. / taste 5Question …
four. / 5Franchement prosperous
three. / 5Nissan also a 370Z and GT-R …
four. / 5To get from point A to point B with no excitement but disappointment in comfort and safety, the Rogue is indicated.