Nissan swapped horsepower for camel-steam!

In assessing the power of an engine, it generally uses a unit of measurement such as horsepower. However, this measure does not indicate anything the functional capabilities of the vehicle. For example, if a Nissan GT-R has more horsepower than a Pathfinder, she will necessarily more efficient in the desert that the SUV? Not necessarily.

Noting the increase in sales of trucks destinies in off-road in the desert regions of the Middle East, Nissan has exchanged his horsepower (hp) for a steam-camel (CHAV). This new measure aims to better inform a client that is interested in Nissan vehicles. While ch indicate the engine power on the road, CHAV indicate its power in desert off-road conditions.

When I read this news, I said the same thing vou, Wow, what a beautiful publicity stunt but that does not mean anything. In fact, it is that many people are wrong! The engineers at Nissan have spent long hours ponder a mathematical formula that would reflect what is actually necessary for a car to perform well in the sand.

Actually, the final calculation reflects rather well the performance factors of a vehicle in such conditions. A CHAV is the result takes into account the mass of gravity, angle of the rise and speed of the vehicle. The tests are obviously practical in the desert. That is, if a vehicle is not performing in such conditions, the unit of measurement of the CHAV will demonstrate and the customer will be well informed from the beginning of the purchase process.

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