Nissan Versa let you customize your rating

Throughout the Los Angeles Auto Show, Nissan will bring a touch of colour to the city, extra than ever, the manufacturer will let you customize your Versa Note.

With us the Colour Studio plan is currently readily available for the compact Micra, we can select mirror shells, handles and stickers of a unique colour.

For the Versa Note, purchasers can transform the colour of various inland and outer pieces: for instance, the bottom of the front bumper, the car or truck door handles of the mirror shells and the rear spoiler and even the wheels will be covered with a diverse colour from that of the physique. Seron colors: black, white, red, purple, orange, you may possibly also select a carbon fiber pattern.

The interior can be customized by adding a ventilation mouth contours and colorful speakers, in addition colorees appliques on the instrument panel and portieres. 

We will see these compact vehicles higher colour the starting of the show.

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  • We lately passed a technical examination Nissan Versa Note

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