No panic: 10 things to do during a car accident

No panic: 10 things to do during a car accident

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Drive safely reduces the risk of accidents. However, some factors still escape your control, including road conditions, the weather conditions … and other motorists. Here’s how to handle a car accident in 10 steps.

1. Stop. Never leave the scene.

2. Keep your cool. Make sure no one is hurt, then check whether there are any material damage.

3. Ask for help. If the accident is serious, call 911.

4. Come to the aid of injured. Keep them warm and do not move, except in cases of imminent danger.

5. Look around you. Watch for traffic and turn your distress lights to alert approaching drivers.

6. Gather information. When you know that nobody is in danger or that help is on the way, collect the information needed to report the accident using the checklist above.

7. Report the accident. Call the police to report the accident, even if minor incident. Note: Reporting the rules may vary, check with your municipality.

8. Take pictures. Photograph including the following:

  • causes damage to vehicles,
  • the vehicles involved in the accident,
  • the stage of the accident,
  • any driver or passenger involved.

9. Move your car. Put it in the gap from the traffic, if you can make safe way. If it is too damaged to be able to drive it, have it towed.

10. Limit the discussion. Do not talk about the accident with the other driver, or you apologize to him. Do not discuss the facts with the police and your insurer.

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