Nokian brand tires are holders of several records

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To perform, you have to be well equipped. Imagine a marathon runner running his ordeal shoes of beach flip flops. That would be absurd! The concept is the same for a car and its tires. And to demonstrate the tire maker Nokian has embarked on the realization of world records. The proof? The manufacturer has realized to date four world records, all subsequently assembled tires. Besides being interesting to see, it makes sale!

First, Nokian sponsors a world record for the fastest car on two wheels. Yet to date, the record is 186.27 km / h. It was established at the airport of Seinajoki in Finland August 31, 2016 by the stunt Vesa Kivimaki.

Second, Nokian, the inventor of winter tires, shoes has the fastest car on ice. On an ice track of the Gulf of Bothnia, Janne Laitinen reached a top speed of 335 km / h. To achieve this, a team has repeated the test several times changing only the tires shod the car. After several attempts, the studded Nokian tires Hakkapelitta 8 has allowed the car to register in the book of world records.

Nokian brand tires are holders of several recordsPhoto: YouTube

Thirdly, the manufacturer realized a speed record for an electric car on the ice. Indeed, in March 2012, Janne Laitinen reached 252 km / h at the wheel of an E-RA on the ice of Lake Inari has Ukonjärvi.

Finally, we reached 130 km / h aboard a farm tractor shoes of rear tires of 38 inches and front tires of 28 inches, Nokian brand. In addition, the video shows a tractor of 7.7 tons knows skidding on ice while control. Impressive!

Anyway, it is true that these records are mainly marketing achievements, but they are no less impressive. And if their goal is to show that they produce the best tires, what better than a video demonstrating the realization of a world record?

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