On track with the Nissan Micra Nissan Micra Cup (3:14)

We cover the activities of the Nissan Micra Cup since the beginnings, that is to say, since last year.

Why, anyway? The reason is simple! This formula, imaginee by our colleague Jacques Deshais always promoter of the series, allows a person to participate in a real competition car without breaking the bank! How much does it cost, anyway? Nissan Micra modified for the track you need to purchase costs $ 20 000, and it is estimated the cost of a season, all inclusive, is $ 30,000.

In auto racing, a season was $ 30 000, it is unpublished. If you run in the Ferrari Challenge, $ 30,000 is the amount of a race.

Whatever, I had the pleasure of going driving one of these race Micra, on the trail of Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, in the area of ​​Toronto.

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