Our 10 best tips for a cautious winter driving

Our 10 best tips for a cautious winter driving

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Follow these tips needed to drive safely this winter.

1. Invest in snow tires. Install them before it starts snowing, and the temperature falling below 7 ° C. Warning! You must have them installed before December 15, it’s the law.

  • Another tip: Make sure the tires are inflated properly, cold temperatures can reduce tire pressure.

2. Be foreseeing. Take five minutes before leaving to check the status of the roads and remove all the snow and ice that cover your vehicle.

3. Slow down. Adjust your speed to the road conditions. Skating on ice or snow can cause rapid acceleration or sudden braking.

4. Have a reserve of washer fluid. You’ll be glad to have a bottle on hand when you’ll actually need, for example has 50 km of the house, in a strong snowstorm.

5. Turn on your headlights. To increase your visibility, leave your headlights on, even during the day. You are not sure you need it? Opt for caution.

6. Have the slight foot. Apply constant pressure on the accelerator and gently apply the brakes to avoid slipping and sliding, and also unnecessarily lead to sudden braking.

7. Be patient. If you are retained behind a snowplow or salting truck when you already have 10 minutes late (of course!), Breathe deeply and do not give up taking.

8. Look twice before backing up. Watch for snowdrifts when backing up, you could not just hit one, but they can also hide cars or pedestrians approaching.

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9. Do not use the cruise control. On a wetted road glacee or snowy, use the cruise control is a risk not worth to be taken.

10. Have a first aid kit. Just in case you would be blocked in your vehicle, carry a kit that includes:

  • a bag of salt or cat litter (due stuck in a tire),
  • coverage,
  • a flashlight,
  • a shovel,
  • a brush with a snow scraper,
  • cables to boot,
  • matches,
  • non-perishable foods.