Peugeot 308R Concept, radical

Press release

Pure and sleek, the new Peugeot 308 will metamorphose into a idea car or truck at the ultra-sporty epure and qualitative style. Its physique dresses Codes sportiness and revolutionary in a milking bicolor, combining red and black, delimited by a straight reduce.

Firmly camped on the ground, 308R Notion is powered by the engine of the new RCZR, a true nerve ball. Developping 270hp, this four-cylinder 1.six liter presents a distinct record energy, close to 170 bhp / l, and CO2 emissions of only 145 g / km.

radical purity
On the outset, the temperament of 308R Notion shines. Its low stance, wide track, its musculature indicate unequivocally his sports location although claiming its apparent hyperlink with the new Peugeot 308. He keeps the series of the identity model, consideration to detail, the sleek lines although purity the interpretant in its personal register.

The sportsmanship is a single of the genes of this radical idea car or truck. He could only upholster in its entirety shades of identity of this ultra-sports globe.

The interpretation is revolutionary and exclusive. The front is dressed with an opaque red which has a fluorescent base for flamboyance. It comes in contrast with a black textured bluish partly back. The oblique cutters is inspired Onyx supercar.

The distinct things that distinguished physique 308R Notion of the new Peugeot 308 but reports are not absolutely integrated. carbon realized, the doors, the fenders, the dimensions and rocker panels, hood and the front and rear are fixed to the metal structure which retains only the flag and the original tailgate.

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Opening the road with pride, the front is aggressive with its 3 air entries at the bottom.

They stretch more than the entirety of the shield, which covers wider track 30mm per side. The central input is composed of thin horizontal strips encadrees a strapping Dark Chrome bluish.

The lateral inlets are coated with a carbon mesh. Seeming devour the road, this all leads to motor the required fresh air has the energy and cooling of its 270 horses. This flow escapes the cover by the two vents that take spot on the style lines in the block continuity trademark grille.

In profile, the lowered position of 26 mm is underlined by the underbody has matte black trim. They unite the wheel arches with curves suggestive shelter the wheel 19 “tulip-shaped. On each and every rim, Leo is Dark Chrome bluish although a single of the forks five functions the R logo opaque red.

The light of the game had the character line operating the portieres boosts the car or truck by projecting forward. For its aspect, the upper aspect Retained in its entirety recalls the spacious interior of the new Peugeot 308. In this region, only the spoiler evolved in length to a larger assistance a higher speed, and the black matte develop into lickers.

At the rear, 308 R Notion appears prepared to jump, such as a feline focuses on its prey. The pyramid shape of the back, with its marked hips, camping car or truck on the ground.
Series of lights, with 3 claws dessinees by LEDs, the emergent quarter net lines interrupted by the widening of the wings. In addition, it leaves visible pinching say the rear train, assure stability in this globe efficiency. Ending in beauty this radical style, each cannulas Exhaust symmetrical lead by way of black lacquer covers which enclose air extractors.

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On this especially stealthy face, some components stand. Red, lights, inside cannulae and the inner surface of the spoiler look to levitate.

A pest temperament
308 R Notion is predisposed to an incisive behavior due to its compactness, its cantilever lowered and its lightness. To completely exploit it, the driving position is perfect thanks to Peugeot i-Cockpit. Its pure and robust style character promises sensations of a new sort.

For the pilot, the handling is straightforward and apparent as the path obtain. The wheel of compact size facilitates placement and increases the driving expertise. The combined, situated in the upper position, is directed towards his eyes. With his drawing of terrific precision, it tends to make reading facts that is immediate, devoid of leaving the road ahead. Lastly, the massive touch screen of 9.7 “focuses orders for straightforward and intuitive ergonomics.

Peugeot Sport has created the powertrain and suspension to make a idea car or truck was breathtaking.

Below the hood is a compact motor but much more than generous, the series launches on the new Peugeot RCZ A. engineers have managed to get 270hp from its cylinder of only 1598 cm3. The distinct energy and reached a record higher with almost 170 bhp / l although offering emission CO2 contained a 145g / km, a onsumption of six,3l / 100km.

This remarkable efficiency demands of distinct components to assure sustainable operation. A lot of components are strengthened: Engine block with a heat therapy prior to machining, forged pistons with aluminum shade generally utilised in competitors higher level doubling piston jets, connecting rod bearings in polymer, and so on.

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These evolutions permit the 1.six THP 270 engine to create its maximum energy to 6000 rev / min and torque readily available more than a really wide operating variety (330 Nm from 1900 to 5500 rev / min).

The energy is sent to the front wheels by way of a manual box six reports. To exploit toutvle possible, the front axle has a Torsen differential has sliding limit. His contribution is felt for the duration of accelerations, braking phases by overflow of stability and cornering enabling preserve pressed to each and every trajectory.

308R Notion can count on a braking program has reached the height of efficiency. Alcon discs are impressive dimensions: 380 mm in diameter and 32 mm thick at the front, 330 mm and 22 mm at the rear. Montes floating on an aluminum bowl, they are clamped by fixed 4-piston calipers. This outstanding braking energy passes to the ground by 235/35 R19 tires.

Supply: Peugeot