Place the storage spaces

We do not generally recognize the significance attached to our clever phones and our handheld devices. Their versatility tends to make them necessary operating tools and entertainment, and we can not do without the need of, even in the automobile.

Vehicle makers have realized the have to have to integrate them to the ideal doable driving practical experience, and thanks to Apple and Android Auto carplay, we can straightforwardly replace the interface of the automobile multimedia technique by the operating technique of our telephone. Even so, to get there, one particular have to have straightforward access to a USB port, and so there has to be an outlet.

The screens of these multimedia systems have to be placed properly in proof, as close as doable to the driver”s view which, let us not neglect, have to generally concentrate on the road ahead. A number of makers, like Mazda, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, give floating screens, fixed on best of the dashboard, but thin so as not to obstruct the visibility.

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