Plastic Roads recycle?

You know those little roads made of hard plastic with which your children sometimes play? They build racetracks by assembling sections of road, and then they launch their car on the track. Well, a company from the Netherlands working for several years to develop a technology that would use the plastic as material to build new road segments.

These roads would be designed from recycled plastic, then compresses to make prefabricated sections. Because of their composition, these segments would be much lighter. Transportation, maintenance and manufacturing therefore become simpler. Apparently, the sustainability of this type of road would be multiplied by three compared to conventional roads. The composition of the plastic is designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 80 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, the design of the room PREFABRICATED leaves enough space under the road to spend electric son, irrigation pipes or other accessories. As you can see in the vid

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