Polaris is propelled into the future with the Slingshot

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When it comes time to celebrate their 60th anniversary, most people choose to spend this important time in the quiet, surrounded by their loved ones. They often take the opportunity to recall the past and enjoy some quietude.

For its part, the Polaris manufacturer has chosen to celebrate its sixth decade of existence by unveiling a futuristic vehicle, only axis on thrills. Say hello to the new Slingshot!

With the arrival of the Campagna V13R, the march of plaisances extremes of vehicles grows increasingly. Polaris wanted its share of this segment, and therefore decided to design a vehicle has three wheels center on driving enjoyment.

The power comes from a 2.4 liter engine has double overhead cam shafts, which is associated with a manual transmission has five reports. This engine develops 173 horsepower. In a vehicle weighing barely 770 kilograms (700 pounds), the performance promises to be Hair-raising! Found as equipment series of 18-inch wheels at the front, an aluminum roll cage forge, ABS brake system and a traction control, and stability control.

If we do not yet know the exact performance of the fireball, we know that with a starting price of US $ 1999, may offer a very serious competition to the Campagna T-Rex. 

To be continued!

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