Porsche 911 2015: The DNA of Porsche

As published in the 2015 Car or truck Guide

This is the icon of Porsche, no much less. More than the years and generations, the 911 Carrera has remained THE vehicle that defines the very best DNA from the prestigious German brand. Nowadays, the 911 Carrera, even the superlative Turbo became a vehicle that proves fairly simple every single day, supplying once more and once more the thrilling efficiency.

My private practical experience of the 911 Carrera goes, not to the origins of the model, but to these of the year 80. At that time, we had to strategy a beast as the 911 Turbo with a healthful dose of respect just before getting into a storm Mont-Tremblant circuit, due to the fact the vehicle was delicate to pilot and above all complete energy livery was all of a block. In brief, she did not tolerate deviations driving, but could also prove to be completely delirious when she was properly controlled. Nowadays, advances in electronics and the presence of the integral cog imply that the 911 Turbo (Turbo and S) are machines with insane efficiency, but that can lead extremely conveniently in standard driving.

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To give you an concept of ​​the phenomenal acceleration of the 911 Turbo, adhere to these measures. Demarrez the engine. Press firmly on the brake pedal with the left foot. Move the shift lever Drive. Press the Sport Plus button. Push the accelerator completely with the suitable foot. Wait for the Launch Handle Activated message seems on the dashboard. Hold the steering wheel. Release the brake pedal all of a sudden …


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