Porsche 911 GT3 R 2016: to dominate the track

It”s no longer a surprise to particular person: Porsche dominates the race track. No matter the location, no matter the series, he secure bet that if a 911 is identified at higher speed on the tarmac, it is extremely most likely to win.

The most current creation of the Stuttgart brand will additional strengthen the image, in truth, final version of the 911 GT3 R has just been revealed.

Primarily based on the GT3 RS, the newcomer does not bother nonetheless important information to make a legal automobile for the rout:

• it has no insulation,

• no catalysts

• and helpless inside comfort.

Its engine has been re-alese to get a cylinder four-liter, thanks to this, the flat six-cylinder has created much more than 500 horses. To transmit energy to the rear wheels, the race automobile utilizes a sequential box six reports.

The GT3 R is eight.three longer than the old centimeters, therefore making certain superior stability. For lightness, the physique panels are produced of carbon fiber, whereas the structure is aluminum composite. Ultimately, the center of gravity has been lowered by replacing the lateral radiators wider unit situated at the front.

If you are searching to dominate on tracks about the globe, Porsche will supply a 911 GT3 R (without the need of upkeep group) for US $ 48,000.

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