Porsche Mission E Concept: Hunting has the Tesla Model S is open

In Frankfurt, Porsche shocked lots of by revealing the Mission E, a model intended to compete straight with the Tesla Model S. Although it is only a notion for now, there is a powerful bet just before extended, the California manufacturer Tesla will not be the only a single playing in the niche prestige automobiles 100% electric.

Presented to the Auto Show Frankfurt, the Porsche Mission E has a pair of electric motors developping a total of 600 horses by implies of a torque distribution program, the energy transferred to the 4 wheels of the vehicle. According to the manufacturer, the -100 km / h is not the case that three.five seconds practically equivalent figures are these of the Tesla P85D. These synchronous motors permanent magnets are comparable to these we located on board the Porsche 919 Hybrid.

The two electric motors are powered by lithium-ion batteries Positioned in the floor and the autonomy of the car is estimated at about 500 km, nothing at all significantly less. In addition, if it has access to a fast charging station, the vehicle can be recharged to 80% of its autonomy in significantly less than 15 minutes by relying on an outlet on 800 V, a record time for a car electric.

The cockpit of the Porsche Mission E comfortably 4 passengers, and the interface of the vehicle”s controls has been made to offer you the least doable driver distractions. This will also allow orders with an eye only. The physique consists of a mixture of aluminum, steel and plastic reinforced with carbon fibers. Porsche Mission E has wide tires mounted on 21-inch wheels in the front and 22 inches at the rear.

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