Porsche will turn exclusively towards turbo engines

With environmental requirements are tightening consistently, it appears that Porsche is quickly forced her to turn de facto turbocharging, throughout a current interview, the solution manager for the Stuttgart brand had some vital announcements to make.

The greatest issues definitely the turbocompressio: for 51 years, the flagship model of Porsche, the 911, has series with a motor dish is naturally aspirated, and purchasers who want the can add a turbo that mechanics for a surplus energy. Even so, in the coming years, manufacturing will turbocompresser all its cars, the variety of input Boxster has the most equipped 911. The 911 GT3 RS, which should really be unveiled in March 2015, will be the only one particular to preserve its naturally aspirated. This circuit beast will be the initially to use a new generation of six-cylinder flat, which will then replace these presently discovered in 911 (as soon as we have them screwed turbo).

Moreover, a new 4-cylinder dish is also in the plans, we should really see seem in the Boxster and Cayman for subsequent year. This machine will have a cylinder two-liter, but we are assured that it will provide functionality worthy of a Porsche.

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