Radical changes for the next Dodge Charger

While we appreciate a lot the Dodge Charger sedan, one particular will have to admit that it is due to modernization. Its architecture currently from 2005, and some of its elements are remnants of the dark era or Cerberus Management was the owner of Chrysler.

Automotive News has obtained some intriguing data about the future load: according to them, the subsequent generation of complete-size sedan will be primarily based on an Alfa Romeo platform, far more especially one particular that is identified in the Giulia. Of course, it will be lengthened to accommodate the dimensions of the Charger.

The sedan must also be allege: at present, the Charger weighs at least 1785 kg, which is really heavy for a vehicle (but lightweight sufficient for a cetacean, all depends on your point of view …). Thanks to a far more contemporary platform and the use of components and contemporary approaches, the vehicle could drop 200 kilos.

Lastly, to comply with emission requirements far more serious, it is achievable that Dodge chooses to use a 4-cylinder turbocharged about 300 horses in the subsequent version of the Charger. It is an engine that also finish up in the subsequent Jeep Wrangler. Rest assured, the V8 will not be withdrawn from the market place so far.

This sedan totally new Charger is anticipated about the starting of the subsequent decade, meanwhile, the model that is at present with us must continue with no important alterations.

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