Ram 2500 Power Wagon 2017, a van with the DNA of a Jeep!

You know the Ford Raptor, a van that has no equal in the sand and off-road. One might think that with Ram, the Rebel is best equips to play off the beaten path but in fact it is the Ram Power Wagon, which enjoys the best brand in the matter. His distinction? It is proposed that in Version 2500, is in the range of pickup trucks intensive use, the Heavy Duty.

The Ram Power Wagon does not date from yesterday. It was initially launched in 1946, when several soldiers were demanding a Dodge model as capable as those produced for the war. This was the Dodge WDX at the time. After his retirement in 1980, it was revived in 2005 and that”s when we decided to use as a base version 2500, is the only one that has a rigid axle suspension for including hosting a disconnection system of the anti-roll bar.

A more Rebel offender
In 2017, we presented the Power Wagon to the style of the day based on the recent redesign of the range, while maintaining the same mechanical organs. In the case of the Power Wagon, it is proposed that a single configuration to 4×4 and the team cab, the largest and most importantly, more practical with its four doors.

Riviera style, he returned to the base the elements of his little brother Rebel, including the front grille among whom the throne wide RAM logo. However, several unique components that are distinguished quickly. Hood integrated air intakes, the bumper before a huge winch while a set of decals enhance its particular style. Its huge 17-inch wheels on which are mounted tires 33 inches elevent degagement his ground, but the lack of strength steps we literally had to climb the vehicle to board. Ladies, forget the skirts!

On board, it”s very similar to other models, apart from a darker thematic and emblems Power Wagon that is found on the sides of the seats. It is possible to make the cabin a little more plush with leather and luxury together, which adds $ 4995 to the initial invoice of $ 58,945.

As capable as a Jeep Wrangler
The Ram Power Wagon is not a question of aesthetics. It has several components making it almost as good as an off-road Jeep Wrangler. The heart of its capabilities, this is first unique suspension which includes modified arm better controlling roll, Bilstein shocks, an electronic disconnection system of the anti-roll bar in order to raise the level of articulation allowing the front axle has to move independently of the chassis and most importantly, a lockable rear differential and front for optimum traction extreme conditions. The vehicle has a ground degagement 14.3 inches (363 mm) while being able to tow a load of 10,030 lb, nothing less.

,Ram 2500 Power Wagon 2017, a van with the DNA of a Jeep!photo gallery of the Ram 2500 Power Wagon 2017 attests, we have been surprised by the capabilities of the vehicle. The suspension well absorbs all the bumps when driving a higher speed in the paths. In Montee, traction is optimum then a descent control system makes maneuvering in the steepest slopes. This last module brakes and traction of the control system to maintain the trajectory and a low speed.

For extreme places the transfer case to switch Low Range Mode (low gear), and that”s when you can disconnect the stabilizer bar and lock the differential via two orders placed on the dashboard. The Ram Power Wagon becomes a real tank, able to climb the stone walls like few other vehicles could do, which is more than astonishing for a full-size van. It is in these conditions that the vehicle unveiled all its attractions and that is why it is also popular with some emergency services or patrol. In some places, we wondered how we would go for, but each time, the Power Wagon was derived by unhindered case, not without a few scratches against. Fortunately many protective plates are placed under the chassis, we would certainly leaves a few pieces.

If ever you were to get caught, a huge winch is integrated in the front bumper, it is capable of firing up to 12,000 lb. Can not get caught in the circumstances, it could practically hoist you up a tree.

If the Ford Raptor is intended primarily to circulate at high speed on the trails, the Ram Power Wagon on his side is revealed much a climbing beast, more comfortable in extreme locations. One would lead a Cross van with DNA in Jeep. No pick-selling series can boast of such skills in off-road.


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