Ram 2500 Power Wagon 2017, for whom and why?

This week, the Guide de l”auto moves in the capital of vice, Las Vegas, to take the wheel of a rather special vehicle. For non-insiders, the Ram 2500 Power Wagon is a Ram adopts a more extravagant style and is primarily a beast off-road, equipped with a set of dedicated equipment was the cause. Lot, oversized tires of size LT285 / 70R17D, a raised suspension comprising Bilstein dampers, a Limited Slip Differential more!

One might think that the model is intended as a competitor to the Ford F-150 Raptor, but this is not the case since the Ram Power Wagon is proposed that Version 2500, is of the type heavy duty. It is therefore available to buyers looking for a van has both ultra rugged, sporty and efficient off the beaten track. You will then understand that sales of Ram Power Wagon has nothing to do with that of a Honda Civic.

So Power Wagon is back for 2017, taking advantage of the recent redesign of RAMS 2500 and 3500. No diesel engine under the hood, the only mechanical deliverable is a HEMI V8 6.4-liter, nothing very economical, but funnily with its powerful 410 horsepower.

Here in the video during its presentation at the Chicago Auto Show last year.

  • The full report of our test Ram 2500 Power Wagon, 2017.


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