Ram unveils the Texas Ranger

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We know that everything is always bigger in Texas, whether trucks, farms or steaks. Even the police are bigger than life, the Texas Rangers, a policiere entity capable of operating across the state are known all across the United States. It is also the oldest police force in the country, having been trained in 1823. Their story is so dotted with legends (one of their members was killed the famous Bonnie and Clyde duo) she inspired a television series starring Chuck Norris.

To celebrate the partnership between the Texas Rangers and RAM, the truck manufacturer has presented a limited edition at the Dallas show. The RAM Texas Ranger is obviously based on a Longhorn model, but it is distinguished by unique decorations on the seat, a star on the center console, wall walnut and brown leather. The portieres are adornees old Mexican pesos, and found a safe in the console … just in case.

For now, RAM has not confirmed that he was going to produce this model, only saying that if the demand is, he will think. We bet there already several Texans ready to sign a check to get one!

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