Renault Initiale Paris Concept: the high-end to the French

Here is definitely a concept that is original the French manufacturer, which presents the new artistic director of the brand for future Renault models.

This Concept shall be the cornerstone for improvement changing the Renault Espace. A minivan completely surpassed.

The Concept Paris that is initiale(********)He announced the imminent arrival of a new Premium approach, which will end in several Renault vehicles ranges. It even speaks of a startup policy that would go up to offer a more personalized after-sales service.

To facilitate access to the interior of the vehicle, there is a step automates and wide suicide doors.

The Plexiglas ceiling pavilion presents a very detailed map of the city of Paris, hence the name Initiale Paris.

A powerful Bose sound system has 32 speakers and two subwoofers, all integrated, just complete the whole. It was associated with the( composer that is sound designer Andrea Cera, assuring an excellent acoustics.

Under its bonnet is really a diesel dCi 130 twin-turbo engine, whose energy stays a situation key.

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